Kindness in a Time of Crisis: A Message from Our President

To Our Friends:
We are up against an unprecedented challenge: a global crisis unlike any we’ve experienced in our lifetime. Thousands are ill, and many of our friends and family members—even if healthy—are struggling. Small businesses we love have closed their doors. We face enormous uncertainty, and the greatest challenges are likely yet to come.
But we at Mercy For Animals remain hopeful. Our mission has always inspired us to find light in the midst of darkness, to see a path forward, even when the world seems so very bleak. Our decades spent fighting on behalf of the most vulnerable have strengthened usand have instilled in us the unshakable belief that no matter the height of the obstacle, we will prevail.
For us, this belief endures in this crisis—just as it does amid the many tragedies suffered by animals and our planet every day.
Our experiences also illustrate that the world’s most pressing challenges unite us unlike anything else. Our strength comes from our togetherness. Our collective compassion fuels our resistance against the powerful forces that threaten our very future, whether global pandemics, climate change, or the unrelenting expansion of factory farming. In the past few weeks, we have seen beautiful acts of kindness spare many thousands of lives, and we’ve seen remarkable efforts to connect with and support our fellow humans. This kind of generosity is familiar to us; we see it from supporters like you every day. And these efforts, more than anything, give us hope for a better future.
We are at a critical moment in history; our actions today determine what the future of our planet will look like. Though overwhelming circumstances such as these may provoke a sense of powerlessness, you can make a difference. And now more than ever, we need your support.
Mercy For Animals’ mission to construct a healthier, safer, more compassionate world is more important and urgent than ever. We know that our broken food system is in many ways at the root of significant threats to global public health. We’ve known for decades that factory farms are not only horrific for animals but perfect breeding grounds for diseases that pose an existential risk to humanity. And we know that many millions of animal lives are often destroyed in ineffective, stopgap attempts to stall the spread of dangerous pathogens.
This crisis is a wake-up call: Our world is hurting. It is in desperate need of a bold vision, a fundamentally new approach to sustaining our own species without causing harm to ourselves and others. At Mercy For Animals, we are not just dismantling a broken, outdated system. We’re building a new one that promises to heal our planet, safeguard our health, and—of course—secure respect, protection, and freedom for all. With you alongside us, we know this is possible. We will work harder than ever. People, the animals, and the planet can’t wait.
Join us today.
With hope and in solidarity,
Leah Garcés
President of Mercy For Animals