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Lamb Escapes Slaughterhouse, Filmed Running Through Chicago Streets

According to ABC 7, a lamb about to be killed at a Chicago slaughterhouse made a brave escape to save his own life.

The lamb was spotted running near the famed Canaryville street sign on the city’s Southwest Side.

The frightened animal ran through busy city streets for about 10 minutes, chased by a man assumed to be a slaughterhouse worker.

The chase ended with the lamb cornered and then driven away in the back of a pickup truck.


While we don’t know the fate of this brave lamb who made a run for his life, we know that his friends and family were most likely killed.

Earlier this year Freddy, a cow at a Queens, New York slaughterhouse, escaped. He ran through busy city streets before being saved and brought to a sanctuary. Unfortunately, happy stories like this are the exception.

Every year billions of farmed animals are raised and killed for food. If you love animals, don’t eat them. Choose compassion and go vegan!

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