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Lighter: Vegan Groceries Delivered to the Masses!

Looking to get delicious vegan foods delivered straight to your door? Look no further.

Lighter, an entirely plant-based meal planning and delivery service, is making it easier than ever to enjoy healthful, delicious meals while lowering food costs.

In fact, the company boasts that each meal costs between $4.00 and $5.80, and that its customized plans work to reduce food waste, saving families even more money.

Founded in 2013, Lighter began when Alexis Fox, an attorney passionate about food policy, met Micah Risk, an ultramarathoner with a graduate degree in nutrition. Their shared passion for healthful vegan food was the impetus for this fabulous service, which has now launched in 16 major cities.

Each week, Lighter creates a custom meal plan for you based on your cooking abilities and food preferences, and your family’s goals. Just choose the number of meals you’d like to make at home, and Lighter will arrange for personal shoppers to bring your groceries straight to your door! And don’t worry—snacks are included!

In an effort to bring these affordable, animal-friendly meal plans to even more people, Lighter is offering MFA supporters a $10 discount on their first purchase.

Just use the promo code “LOVEMFA to redeem your discount!

Lighter not only makes it easier to eat healthy, but also promotes kindness towards farmed animals, who are subjected to miserable lives and deaths on modern farms.

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