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MAJOR NEWS! Canada’s Most Progressive Cage-Free Egg Policy Ever

Following discussions with Mercy For Animals, SIR Corp, owner of nine popular Canadian restaurants, including Jack Astor’s, Canyon Creek, and Reds, announced a commitment to improving animal welfare by switching to 100 percent cage-free eggs in its entire supply chain by September of 2016. This commitment, the most progressive ever in Canada, will spare countless hens a life of suffering in tiny wire battery cages.

A recent cage-free egg commitment from CARA, owner of Milestone’s, Kelsey’s, Casey’s and Swiss Chalet, precipitated SIR Corp’s announcement. CARA’s policy also followed discussions with Mercy For Animals.

Egg factory farms stuff hens into cages so small birds can barely move. Birds are often left to die and rot alongside birds still laying eggs for human consumption. Deprived of any comfort, these intelligent, sensitive animals are treated as mere egg-producing machines. Fortunately, SIR Corp’s new policy is raising the bar for other restaurants and retailers both nationally and globally.

You can help hens the most by ditching eggs altogether. Visit to learn more.