Mayo Clinic: Wanna Shorten Your Life by Four Years? Keep Eating Meat

A recent article in Science Daily highlights a review by physicians from the Mayo Clinic titled “Is Meat Killing Us? The physicians examined large-scale studies involving more than 1.5 million people and found all-cause mortality is higher for people who eat meat. The Journal of the American Osteopathic Association published their findings.

Specifically, they looked at six different studies that assessed the effects of meat-heavy and vegetarian diets on mortality. Their goal was to enable primary care physicians to provide evidence-based guidance to patients on the question of meat consumption.

One of the studies followed more than 1 million people. The researchers found a 3.6-year increase in life expectancy for people on a vegetarian diet for more than 17 years compared to shorter-term vegetarians.

The review concluded that “physicians should advise patients to limit animal products when possible and consume more plants than meat.

Dr. Brookshield Laurent, D.O., states:
This data reinforces what we have known for so long—your diet has great potential to harm or heal. … This clinical-based evidence can assist physicians in counseling patients about the important role diet plays, leading to improved preventive care, a key consideration in the osteopathic philosophy of medicine.
Meat is not only detrimental to our health; it’s also literally killing our planet and causing unthinkable animal suffering.

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