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Meat Alternatives to Take 33 Percent of Meat Market by 2054

The meat alternative industry is booming. From a major spike in Google searches to more vegan restaurant options than ever before, plant-based foods are taking over.

A new article in the Epoch Times highlights our evolving food industry and the companies working to redefine it.

According to Lux Research, a strategic advisory firm for emerging technologies, “by 2054, meat alternatives will comprise 33 percent of the overall protein market.

Driving this change is consumer awareness. Millennials, the largest generation in American history, are greatly driven by environmental concerns. As animal agriculture is one of the largest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions, a dietary shift from meat makes sense.

Beyond Meat, a company that replicates the texture of animal muscle using plant proteins, is one of many working to create plant-based products that are healthier for us and friendlier for animals and the planet.

Kent Kirshenbaum, an NYU chemistry professor and advisor to Beyond Meat, says that the company is “perhaps at the pinnacle in taking a very high-tech approach, breaking down into the constituents, and breaking down the eating experience at a molecular level.

With the help of modern technology and innovation, today’s meat alternatives are strikingly similar to their animal-based counterparts.

“Whatever choices we make, let’s think about the impact on future generations, says Kirshenbaum.

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