MFA Exposes Meat Industry Corruption and Rotten Practices to Global Audience

MATTRT.jpgMFA’s Director of Investigations Matt Rice reached millions of people when he was interviewed on the RT Network about animal agribusiness’ efforts to keep consumers in the dark about their inhumane practices. The RT Network is the second-most watched foreign news network in the U.S., and broadcasts internationally in over 100 countries.

Matt let viewers know that “undercover investigations by Mercy For Animals and other groups across the country have exposed egregious cruelties, unsafe working conditions, unsanitary conditions at factory farms and slaughterhouses nationwide.” And in response, “rather than improve conditions for animals and make things safer for customers, pro-factory farm legislators in some states are working to criminalize these undercover investigations and prevent the public from finding out what’s happening behind the closed door of these facilities.”

Matt also explained how agribusiness has used its money to influence legislation that is not in the best interest of animals or constituents. “This is an industry that’s proven time and time again to be incapable of self regulation, and no other industry has these kinds of protections. You could imagine these laws being passed to protect daycares so that people couldn’t expose child abuse or sexual assault at a daycare or a senior home – that wouldn’t fly.” But unfortunately, the factory farming industry “has so much money and so much power,” Matt continued, that “they’re able to influence some corrupt politicians to push this type of legislation through, often under the nose of their constituents, but once constituents find out about it, they are outraged; they want more transparency in food production, not less, and they’re speaking out against it.”

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