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MFA Volunteers Are Changing the World for Farmed Animals

Whether they’re doing outreach on campus, marching in a pride parade, or representing MFA at a local festival, MFA’s volunteers are an incredibly dedicated bunch.

Their outreach efforts are opening even more hearts and minds to the plight of farmed animals and empowering consumers to make humane food choices.

This year alone, our volunteers have passed out more than 350,000 leaflets encouraging people to try a compassionate animal-free diet. That in itself is a huge victory for animals!

Consider this:

Even if only 2 percent of the people who received a leaflet made the switch to veganism, tens of thousands of animals would be spared a lifetime of misery on factory farms each year!

While leafleting is one of the most effective things we can do to protect farmed animals, every year MFA volunteers also hit the streets in full force at LGBT pride parades around the country, bringing our message of social justice to the masses.

This year, we have plans to attend more than 80 parades and big festivals, including several veg fests across the country!

With the help of our devoted volunteer base, we’re bringing our vital work for animals to millions of people who might otherwise never have learned the truth about modern farming and where our food comes from. We’re even expanding our outreach efforts internationally to Latin America, India, the U.K., Australia, New Zealand, and China.

While individual vegans spare lives every time they sit down to eat, we can exponentially increase the number of animals we help by encouraging others to try vegan eating too.

If you would like to volunteer with MFA and help spread our message of compassion for animals, please consider filling out our volunteer form or applying for an internship!

Want to start saving animals now? Visit our Action Center for a step-by-step guide on speaking out for farmed animals in your community. In just five minutes, you’ll be on your way to changing the world!