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Milk: It Does a Body Bad

A new study highlighted by The Telegraph has found a link between milk consumption and lowered life expectancy. In fact, those who consumed three glasses of milk or more each day were twice as likely to die early than those who drank less or no milk.

Additionally. the article states, “A study that tracked 61,000 women and 45,000 men for 20 years found there was no reduction in broken bones for those who consumed the most milk. For women it was associated with an increased chance of suffering a fracture.

The lead author of the study, Professor Karl Michaelsson of Uppsala University in Sweden, explains, “Our results may question the validity of recommendations to consume high amounts of milk to prevent fragility fractures. A higher consumption of milk in women and men is not accompanied by a lower risk of fracture and instead may be associated with a higher rate of death.

This should come as no surprise. There is an increasingly compelling body of scientific evidence pointing to dairy as the culprit in many common health problems. In fact, last year Kaiser Permanente research scientists found that eating dairy products such as yogurt, ice cream, or cheese could increase the risk of mortality by 50 percent for women with breast cancer.

And it’s not just your health that’s at risk. MFA’s undercover investigators have exposed horrific cruelty to animals at several dairy farms around the country. Just take a look at this video taken at an Idaho dairy farm:

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