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Missing Cow Found in an Unlikely Place: A Tearjerker Story of Survival

The Dodo is highlighting the story of a cow who was found stranded on an island after swimming away from a small Irish countryside farm.

But why didn’t this cow, who likely swam to the island after being knocked in the water by herd mates, swim back? Well, it turns out she didn’t want to leave her baby behind! She had given birth. The man who found the cow, Kevin Carolan, said, “[T]he remarkable thing for me was how she survived. She’d pulled down every little bit of anything that was green. She consumed it to keep that calf alive.”

Just as a human mother wouldn’t leave her baby behind, this cow remained to feed and take care of hers. Cows are extremely social animals, and the bonds between them and their calves are especially strong.

This is one of the many reasons the dairy industry is so incredibly cruel. Cows are routinely separated from their newborn calves only hours after they’re born so farmers can take their milk. Cows have been reported to bellow for days in distress over their stolen babies.

You can learn more about the cruel realities of the dairy industry here. You can also help put a stop to this suffering by switching to a kind vegan diet. For tips and tricks on making the transition, check out

(Photo: Kevin Carolan)