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New Cases of Deadly Pig Virus Confirmed in Manitoba

The provincial chief veterinary officer (CVO) has confirmed two new cases of porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PED) on a farm located in southeastern Manitoba. The virus causes severe watery diarrhea in pigs and is often fatal, with a nearly 100 percent mortality rate in young piglets. The deadly virus has already claimed the lives of over 8 million piglets in the U.S. alone.

A recent study confirmed that the virus can be transmitted through contaminated animal feed that has been sprayed with dried pig’s blood! The government is now stepping in and warning pig farmers to “maintain strict on-farm biosecurity procedures to keep PED out of the barn. Considering the horrible living conditions on factory farms, it’s no wonder that the disease continues to spread.

If the thought of piglets suffering a painful death from watery diarrhea makes you sick to your stomach, you can withdraw your support by choosing a cruelty-free vegan diet. Visit to learn more.