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New Report Shows Global Movement Away From Meat

A new report by GlobalData found that 70 percent of the world’s population is either reducing meat intake or ditching meat altogether.

The market insight company discovered that consumer opinions about protein and the “role of vegetables have changed, and there’s no sign of them changing back. In fact, more people than ever are trying to eat healthier and reduce their impact on the planet.

People are switching to products like “pea protein powder, plant-based burgers, nut-based cheeses, jackfruit shredded ‘meat’ and soy chorizo. The report also says chefs are using veggies in a “meaty” way.

This is further evidence of a global shift away from animal products. Just last week, social media platform Pinterest reported vegan and dairy-free recipes saved by users increased by 52 and 88 percent, respectively. Additionally, a report from Mintel earlier this year found the number of vegan products in Australia had increased by 92 percent since 2014.

The rise in veganism is great news for the billions of farmed animals who suffer unimaginable cruelties at factory farms.

Cows, pigs, and chickens raised and killed for food are just as smart and sensitive as the dogs and cats we adore at home. But at factory farms they’re subjected to extreme confinement; brutal mutilations; and of course, bloody, violent deaths.

Don’t believe us? Watch.

With plant-based foods becoming more accessible, it’s easier than ever to switch to a compassionate vegan lifestyle.

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