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New Study: Cows Do Better With Friends

Cows-on-Farm.jpgA recent study, featured on PBS’s “Nova,” offers insight into how cows learn and highlights the improved learning of calves when they are socialized with each other. As explained on the network’s website, “Dairy farmers typically house calves separately, but a new study shows that there are cognitive benefits to allowing them more social interaction.”

The study, conducted by the University of British Columbia, examines the differences in learning among calves with varying levels of socialization, and finds that “social species, including cows, need interaction to grow and flourish.”

Further, “animals can have rich social lives, and their well-being depends on how able they are to interact with others and engage with their environment.”

Today’s factory farms deny animals nearly everything that comes naturally to them, and MFA investigations at dairy suppliers across the country have repeatedly documented a system of cruelty and neglect.


With all the amazing and compassionate dairy alternatives, there’s no reason to put cows through such lives of misery and despair. For even more dairy-free inspiration, visit for recipes.