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NYC Chef Loves His Lamb, but Leaves Other Animals on the Menu?

A recent Munchies article highlights one chef’s move to save a lamb from slaughter.

Abandoned by his mother at a farm in upstate New York, Smokey the lamb was taken in by Sandy Dee Hall, an NYC chef and restaurant owner, at just four days old.

While Smokey has become somewhat of a local celebrity, the article explains that sheep are illegal to keep as pets in the Big Apple and the police have given warning.

As a result, Smokey is now headed to a new forever home, where he will get to live out the rest of his days in peace. 

An interview with Sandy reveals that he has decided to remove lamb from his restaurant’s menu, but he says, “Sometimes if you love something, and you need it for food, it still happens, you know?

No… we don’t.

All farmed animals, from pigs and cows to chickens and turkeys, are as sensitive and intelligent as this lamb and deserve the same considerations.

And let’s be real, Sandy lives in New York City where vegan options are everywhere; no one “needs animals for food in any of the five boroughs or anywhere else for that matter.

We sincerely hope that this chef reaches the logical conclusion that all animals are equally worthy of love, compassion, and freedom from harm.

For more information on adopting a compassionate vegan diet, click here.