Only Vegans Get to Eat Thanksgiving Dinner on Murphy Brown

It’s impossible to have grown up in the 90s and not know about Murphy Brown. The hilarious sitcom that starred the amazing Candice Bergen in the title role was iconic. Bergen’s character was witty and brilliant, but I most remember her for being a staunch feminist and social justice activist.
In 1992, when Vice President Dan Quayle attacked the show because Bergen’s character had a child out of wedlock and was raising the baby as a single mother, Bergen’s response was swift. Using the show as a vehicle, she addressed the nation as Murphy Brown and reminded us that families come in all shapes and sizes and that blaming her for the “poverty of values in the country was absurd. Bergen/Brown stood up for families and single mothers everywhere; it was truly a watershed moment in TV history.
What people might not know about Bergen is that she doesn’t just stand up for people; she stands up for animals too. In fact, in 2015 she partnered with Mercy For Animals, narrating a shocking undercover video that exposed horrific abuses to chickens raised and killed for Tyson Foods. The video went viral, garnering nearly half a million views on YouTube alone. A few months later, she appeared on the cover of MFA’s magazine, Compassionate Living.
So it should come as no surprise that the reboot of Murphy Brown (which premiered this fall) has something to say when it comes to farmed animals. In the episode that aired on Thanksgiving, Brown invites all her friends and co-workers to her house. As she tries and fails to cook a turkey, Pat, hilariously played by actor Nik Dodani, lectures the room on the horrors turkeys experience before they become food. Dodani’s character, a proud vegan, brings his own Thanksgiving dinner, an endless supply of soy steak, soy sausage, soy turkey … you get the picture. He is the only one who gets to eat while the other characters look on with envy.
As an activist, it’s thrilling to see Murphy Brown take this opportunity to plant a seed, especially on Thanksgiving. The reboot shows no sign of shying away from the important issues of the day and will continue to challenge people to open their hearts and minds. It was absolutely fantastic to see Dodani’s character speaking out for turkeys on prime-time TV.
Whether it’s to help curb climate change, take back their health, or stand strong against animal cruelty, millions of people around the globe are moving away from animal products and switching to a delicious plant-based diet. Want to join them? There’s never been a better time. Visit to learn more and make sure to follow MFA on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.