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Our Response to Giovana’s Question: What Will Happen If I Give Up Dairy and Eggs?

We recently shared a video narrated by Erin Janus about the dairy industry. It sparked quite a bit of conversation about switching from cow’s milk to plant-based milks. Giovana asked the following question on Facebook:
Can someone please tell me the best [way] to stop consuming dairy and eggs? I no longer eat dead animals, but I really want to stop drinking milk. Everyone says that I am being dramatic, extreme and that I am “over reacting. They also say that I am gonna get weak and anemic if I stop consuming these “foods. What do I do? I know I am so much stronger than this.

First off, thank you for this amazing question, Giovana. Being a vegetarian is great! In fact, it’s an excellent way to improve your health, help combat climate change, and reduce animal suffering. We commend you on taking this major step toward going fully plant-based.

Second, you are not being extreme for wanting to cut out dairy or eggs. Millions of people around the globe have come to the exact same conclusion after learning about the horrors of the egg and dairy industries. Here are two undercover investigations by Mercy For Animals that illustrate how truly horrible they are:

As for becoming “anemic or “weak from cutting out dairy and eggs—don’t believe it. Protein, iron, and calcium are all easy to obtain on a vegan diet. In fact, one cup of soy milk contains more calcium than a cup of cow’s milk! Other plant-based sources of calcium include almond milk, navy beans, figs, calcium-fortified cereals, bok choy, and kale.

Plant-based protein is widely available from tofu, beans, seeds, and lentils. And iron is found in foods like cashews, quinoa, tofu, and even dark chocolate!

Giovana, you are certainly not weak and you are not overreacting. Animal cruelty is no laughing matter, and we applaud you for taking a stance against it and moving toward a compassionate, healthy, and delicious plant-based diet.

Remember, there are delicious and plentiful vegan versions of dairy products from plant-based milks and ice creams, to butter and cheese. As for transitioning away from eggs, start by checking out some of our favorite egg-free recipes and click here for tips on vegan baking. 

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