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Outrage: Thousands of Day-Old Chicks Dumped in U.K. Field

Yes, you read that right. Nearly 2,000 day-old chicks were left for dead in a field in Lincolnshire, U.K.

The BBC reports that the RSPCA, an animal welfare organization, was on the scene rescuing the surviving chicks.

Inspector Justin Stubbs of the RSPCA said:
I have never seen anything like it; it was just a sea of yellow. And the noise was unbelievable. For someone to dump these vulnerable chicks is unbelievable. These chicks were just all huddled together, just a mass, a writhing mass of cheeping yellow fluffy balls, where they shouldn’t be, in conditions they should not be out in. The sick ones sadly had to be put to sleep. They were literally dying of exposure.
While no one knows where the chicks came from or why they were dumped, a commercial producer was probably the culprit. Thankfully, the surviving chicks will be adopted.

But the fate for millions of others is grim.

Because male chicks do not lay eggs or grow quickly enough to be raised profitably for meat, the egg industry kills them within hours of hatching. Some are ground up alive while others are gassed or suffocated.

The people who were upset over this disgusting display of animal cruelty probably eat eggs and never consider the fact that millions of male chicks suffer a horrific fate each year.

Don’t believe us? Look at this clip from an MFA undercover investigation into an Iowa hatchery.

As long as factory farmers prioritize profit over animal welfare, animals will pay the ultimate price.

Join us in taking on cruelty by withdrawing your support from an industry that treats animals as mere commodities.

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