Paris Olympics Go Over 60% Vegan and Vegetarian to Combat Climate Change

Over 60 percent of the Paris Olympics menu is set to be vegan and vegetarian! Hungry athletes and guests can expect plant-based hotdogs, vegan tuna, falafel, and more. 

Eighty percent of the total menu will use local produce in France. According to reports, the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games will be the greenest in history, and many steps have been taken to reduce carbon emissions—including the robust plant-forward menu. Paris 2024’s president, Tony Estanguet, stated:

It’s also our responsibility to educate the people who will be engaged in Paris 2024. It’s a collective duty now to change our habits and definitely to reduce our carbon footprint. So, when you buy food in the venue, you should also try the vegan food that is served because, in terms of taste, it’s very good.

The Olympics are slated to take place starting July 26 in beautiful Paris, France. The French foodservice company Sodexo Live! will cater 500 recipes at the Olympics Village and 14 venues, one of which can seat up to 3,500 competitors at one time.

By serving mostly plant-centric foods, the Paris Olympics will make a strong statement about the impact of our food choices on climate change. Other Paris 2024 carbon-saving measures include avoiding new building construction, cutting single-use plastics, and recovering 100% of unconsumed resources.

According to the UN climate crisis report, shifting toward plant-based eating can lead to critical reductions in emissions, in addition to human health benefits, greater biodiversity, and higher animal welfare. Start making changes in your own life by trying more delicious plant-based foods—download our FREE How to Eat Veg guide to learn more.