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Photos of Pig Jumping From Slaughterhouse Truck Goes Viral

Last week, a driver in China captured harrowing images of a pig’s desperate attempt to save her own life.

Photos of Pig Jumping From Slaughterhouse Truck Goes Viral
Crammed into a transport truck destined for the slaughterhouse, one determined pig made a death-defying leap out of the vehicle and onto a busy roadway.

Police in the Guangxi region have taken the pig, whom they’ve named Babe, into custody and have vowed that she will be allowed to live out her life in peace.

“She was safe and sound after her leap,” said a police spokesperson, “but found herself lost in the big city.” She added, “She deserves her chance of life and she has got it. She will never be eaten here.”

Just like our beloved dogs and cats, farmed animals feel fear, pain, and a strong desire to live. Though this one courageous pig was lucky, millions like her will be mercilessly abused and killed by the meat industry.

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