Pinkberry Launches First Vegan Fro-Yo Flavor

On May 1, popular frozen yogurt chain Pinkberry began offering a nondairy option at all of its 250 locations nationwide!

According to Yahoo! Health, “The international frozen yogurt chain is rolling out a handful of fruity options, starting with Tropical Mango, available nationally from now through the end of June (though it may come on full-time if it’s a hit).

The first of more than two dozen rotating dairy-free offerings, the Tropical Mango flavor is “a blend of fruit, fruit juice, water, and natural flavors, and contains no added sugar.

Not only are these new varieties more healthful; they also have the potential to spare countless animals from a lifetime of suffering on modern farms. Mercy For Animals has conducted several undercover investigations inside dairy farms that have revealed horrific animal abuse.

The only way to make sure frozen yogurt and ice cream are not products of cruelty is to choose delicious plant-based versions like the exciting new offerings at Pinkberry.

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