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Plant-Based Alternatives to Meat and Dairy Better and Tastier than the “Real Thing”

Beyond Meat.jpgEating a compassionate diet has never been easier! A recent Reader’s Digest article touts the benefits of the many new, healthy alternatives to animal-derived foods, pointing out that these products are free of the saturated fat, cholesterol, and animal cruelty inherent in meat, dairy, and eggs.

Bill Gates, founder and ex-CEO of software giant Microsoft, agrees that the future of meat is on a dwindling path. As more and more people move towards a healthy plant-based diet, food producers are satisfying their customers’ demands for compassionate food choices by expanding their product lines to include more cruelty-free alternatives to traditional American fare.

Companies like Beyond Meat and Kite Hill have changed the game for the food industry, creating alternatives that boast taste and texture nearly identical to those of the animal-based products they imitate. Beyond Eggs, another venture, has created an egg-free mayonnaise that is not only equal in flavor to original mayonnaise, but is cholesterol-free and 18 percent less expensive.

Substitutes for meat, dairy, and eggs have so improved they are now fooling renowned food critics, adversely impacting the meat industry, and prompting venture capitalists to venture into veganism. Whether it’s to safeguard your own health, preserve the environment, or take a stand against the extreme abuse animals suffer on factory farms, there’s no doubt that transitioning to a plant-based diet has never been simpler or more timely.

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