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Poultry Producer Tortures Chickens, Lies to Customers

Earlier this week, Animal Justice Canada Legislative Fund filed a false advertising complaint against Maple Lodge Farms based on shocking hidden-camera video obtained by Mercy For Animals Canada exposing horrific and illegal cruelty to animals at a company slaughterhouse. According to the complaint, Maple Lodge Farms is deceiving consumers and blatantly violating several federal and provincial laws by illegally torturing animals while touting its animal welfare policy.

In sharp contrast to the company’s claims about animal welfare, shocking video footage shows a pattern of egregious animal abuse at Maple Lodge Farms, including:
  • Countless birds freezing to death when trucked to slaughter in sub-zero temperatures
  • Chickens getting their wings or heads crushed in cage doors, causing severe pain, injury and death
  • Workers violently slamming fragile chickens upside down into shackles, often breaking legs and wings
  • Birds left in cages and sent through the scalding-hot industrial washing machines while still alive
  • Animals having their throats sliced open while still conscious and able to feel pain
Watch the hidden-camera video footage here:

In addition to calling on law enforcement to hold Maple Lodge Farms accountable for torturing chickens and lying to the public, Mercy For Animals Canada is petitioning the company to adopt meaningful animal welfare policies to prevent the worst forms of animal abuse at its facilities. You can sign the petition here.

Although unconscionable cruelty and violence are standard practice at Maple Lodge Farms, caring consumers can help end the needless suffering of chickens by simply leaving them off their dinner plates. Visit for helpful tips and vegan recipes.