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Praise Seitan! Upton’s Naturals Expands

Since 2006, Upton’s Naturals has been making delicious seitan products that continue to wow our taste buds! Whether it’s vegan bacon, chorizo or Italian sausage, Upton’s seitan is the perfect meat substitute for creating all sorts of amazing vegan dishes.

Not surprisingly, demand for Upton’s products has expanded exponentially over the years. Now, the sultans of seitan are poised to move into a brand-new, 10,000-square-foot production space fitted with a café (Upton’s Breakroom), a yoga studio (Maha Dharma Center), office space and even living space for co-creators and vegan power couple Dan Staackmann and Nicole Sopko.

Screen Shot 2013-09-03 at 10.01.59 AM.png
During the eight-month construction period, Upton’s displayed Mercy For Animals’ “Why love one but eat the other?” vegetarian campaign banner outside the site for all passersby to see.

“Our building is 100 percent vegan in terms of what can come in,” says Nicole. She adds: “Company money can never be spent on nonvegan items. We give back to many nonprofits that help farmed and domestic animals as well as those that help our fellow human animals. We’re also pretty nice and approachable and enjoy meeting the people who are coming in and enjoying our new presence in the neighborhood!”

So if you’re a Chicago local, stop by 2054 West Grand Avenue and check out the new Upton’s café and production site. If you’re not in Chicago, no worries, Upton’s scrumptious seitan is now available in food markets nationwide!