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MAJOR! Retail Titan SUPERVALU Kicks Cages to the Curb

Following discussions with Mercy For Animals, SUPERVALU, one of the nation’s largest grocers, has publicly declared that 100 percent of eggs sold in its stores will be cage-free by 2025. The policy, which affects all SUPERVALU retail banners, including Cub Foods, Save-A-Lot, Shop ’n Save, Farm Fresh Food & Pharmacy, and Rainbow Foods, will spare more than 1.5 million hens annually from suffering in tiny wire cages.

SUPERVALU’s statement is the latest in a series of cage-free egg commitments by top grocers, including Kroger and Albertsons. Additionally, nearly 100 other retailers, restaurants, foodservice companies, and food manufacturers have pledged to go cage-free in the last year.

SUPERVALU’s cage-free egg commitment is one of the first initiatives by the company to establish a comprehensive animal welfare policy encompassing guidelines for its egg, pork, dairy, and chicken supply chains. SUPERVALU transitioned its Wild Harvest brand of eggs to 100 percent cage-free last fall and has already promised to work with suppliers to eliminate gestation crates that severely confine sows.

While cage-free doesn’t mean cruelty-free, SUPERVALU’s cage-free egg commitment will reduce the suffering of birds and inspire other grocers to implement similar policies. It’s high time H-E-B acknowledged that cramming animals into cages barely larger than their bodies is animal cruelty no company with morals should support. 

Of course, the best way to help hens is to avoid eating eggs altogether. Visit for delicious and satisfying recipes featuring compassionate, plant-based foods.