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Proposed Amendment to Quebec’s Civil Code Recognizes Animal Sentience

Proposed Amendment to Quebec's Civil Code Recognizes Animal Sentience

According to a recent article by the Canadian Press, Quebec will amend the Civil Code to better protect animals from abuse.

Under the proposed change to the Civil Code animals would no longer be considered “personal property” but instead viewed as living, sentient creatures. This means that courts would consider pain and suffering when dealing with charges of animal cruelty; however, it does not mean that animals would be given the same rights as humans.

Quebec’s new agriculture minister, Pierre Paradis, has acknowledged Quebec’s reputation for animal abuse and is promising swift change.

The article recognizes Mercy For Animals Canada’s undercover investigation at a Quebec veal factory farm as a motivating factor for this change. The undercover footage from the veal farm showed calves crammed into tiny wooden crates, often chained at the neck and unable to turn around or lie down comfortably, and workers violently kicking and beating them.

“Gandhi said the evolution of a society can be judged in the way it treats its animals,” said Paradis. “There’s room for evolution here.”

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