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Puppy Burgers? New MFA Demonstrations Challenge Why We Call Some Animals Pets and Others Dinner

Over the last three weeks, Mercy For Animals held eleven head-turning demonstrations throughout Texas and Louisiana, asking the public why we call some animals “pets” and others “dinner.” MFA’s “Why Love One but Eat the Other?” tour started at the American Meat Industry Expo in Dallas, TX, and continued to Austin, Houston, McAllen, Corpus Christi, San Antonio, and Beaumont, TX, and from there on to Louisiana, hitting New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Alexandria, and Shreveport. The eye-opening demonstrations featured MFA’s newest pro-vegetarian mascot – a 10-ft inflatable puppy crammed inside a hamburger bun.

Alamo.jpgThe creative visual caught the attention of news media and passersby in each city visited – creating a valuable platform for talking about the ethics of vegetarian eating. Local radio stations, newspapers and television, which included a live, in-studio interview, covered the demonstrations, exposing millions of viewers to the cruelty farmed animals are subjected to for their entire lives.

Local volunteers joined MFA’s National Campaign Coordinator Phil Letten and intern Krystina Tucci in distributing vegetarian literature and holding signs with the words, “Boycott Animal Abuse, Choose Vegetarian” and “How Much Cruelty Can You Swallow?,” revealing the truth behind the unnecessary abuse inflicted on farmed animals by the meat industry.

In an interview with Alexandria’s The Town Talk, Letten explained, “Cows, pigs and chickens are living animals just like dogs and cats. All animals suffer pain and experience pleasure and are deserving of the same consideration and respect.”

For more information on how to adopt a compassionate lifestyle, go to Click here for your free Vegetarian Starter Kit.

Photos courtesy of Sylvia Elzafon.