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Quorn Foods Boasts New Vegan Burger

quorn3.jpgAs one of the world’s leading brands of meat-free fare, Quorn Foods made a monumental move this month, after working closely with Compassion Over Killing, by creating their first 100% vegan burger.

In addition to offering the exciting new vegan burger, Quorn will also be reducing the number of eggs used in its other products. The company will use 3.5 million fewer eggs annually, meaning 14,000 egg-laying hens will be spared from extreme cruelty on factory farms.

Quorn Foods General Manager, David Wilson, says: “The team at Quorn Foods, in cooperation with Compassion Over Killing, is delighted with the results of the work to reduce egg use in our product range. In addition to using 3 million fewer eggs a year, the new launch of the Quorn ‘egg-free’ vegan burger has been a huge success with our customers.”

We can all do our part to choose compassion over cruelty by removing eggs from our diets. Visit for free vegan recipes and tips on egg-free living.