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Report: Factory Farming Is a Bad Choice for Investors

A new report by Farm Animal Investment Risk and Return, a network of financial investors, highlights the growing risks of investment in factory farming.

According to The New York Times, “The magnitude of risks generated by animal factory farming is set to increase through rising capital costs, the shifting gravity of production to developing countries with less robust regulation, the impacts of climate change and increasing social concerns over animal welfare and sustainability.”

With the growing importance of social and environmental responsibility to consumers, environmental fines and food safety scandals are two reported concerns.

Also, the days of factory farming itself are numbered. As consumers become more aware of the mistreatment of farmed animals, they are demanding change. So the vast entrepreneurial prospects presented by the market for humane plant-based foods should come as no surprise.

Billionaires like Bill Gates and Li Ka-shing are taking an interest in veg companies; in fact, Ka-shing awarded $23 million to Hampton Creek and took part in a $75 million investment in Impossible Foods.

As the popularity of meat wanes, more and more delicious animal-free options are hitting store shelves all the time. But with the amazing variety of products already on the market, there’s never been a better time to ditch meat.

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