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Runaway Pig Saves His Own Life

Phineas.jpgFound wandering on an interstate near Stratford, Connecticut, another factory-farm escapee is making headlines.

Believed to have jumped off of a truck on his way to a slaughterhouse, this pig (who has been named Phineas) made a run for his life, sustaining just a few scrapes.

According to local news channel News 12 Connecticut, a kind person attempted to rescue Phineas before animal control officers stepped in and finally caught him. He is now recovering at a veterinarian’s office.

Phineas is just one of billions of animals who experience terror and pain on today’s factory farms. Though he saved his own life by escaping slaughter, most are not as lucky.


The best thing we can do to protect pigs like Phineas is to adopt a vegetarian diet. For tips and delicious plant-based recipes, check out