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Scientists Urge Us to Reduce Meat Consumption by Half


According to a recent article in the Guardian, a new study published by the United Nations Environment Programme strongly suggests that wealthy consumers of the industrialized world should eat half as much meator even less than halfas they currently do.

The horse-meat scandal that swept across Europe has exposed our unrelenting quest for ever-cheaper meat, fueling the trade in “undocumented livestock and mislabeled cheap ready meals,” as well as the huge proliferation of factory farms over the last couple of decades.

This growing demand for meat has in turn had devastating consequences for the environment, damaging the health of entire ecosystems and creating massive dead zones in the oceans. Current meat production utilizes 80% of all nitrogen and phosphorus used in farming, as well as many pesticides and herbicides, which wind up polluting our soil, waterways, and the air we breathe. Scientists warn: “Unless action is taken, increases in pollution and per capita consumption of energy and animal products will exacerbate nutrient losses, pollution levels and land degradation, further threatening the quality of our water, air and soils, affecting climate and biodiversity.”

Beyond the environmental devastation caused by industrial farming, and the negative effects of meat consumption on human health, farmed animals suffer tremendous abuse in today’s modern confinement systems. Whether it be a life of misery in a battery cage, gestation crate, or veal crate, the real cost of cheap meat is egregious animal cruelty.

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