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Sex and Violence in the Meat Industry

2010-10-25-SemenCollection.jpgIn an eye-opening article in The Huffington Post, Bruce Friedrich gives readers one more reason to boycott meat, dairy and eggs: institutionalized bestiality. Aside from horrifying personal accounts from factory farmers and slaughterhouse workers bragging about sexually abusing animals and undercover video footage exposing animals being raped and sexually assaulted, Friedrich explains how routine – and legal – acts of bestiality are perpetrated every day on modern farms.

Complete with graphic images and videos, the article explains in gory detail how turkeys are bred to be so unnaturally large that they can no longer mate on their own, so factory farm workers must restrain and ejaculate male turkeys and then ram a semen-filled syringe into a female’s vagina in order to produce more “stock.” The article also describes how male pigs are confined to crates while workers fondle their genitals, stick their fingers in their anuses and ejaculate them to collect semen. A similar process is used for bulls.

As shocking as it may seem, rape and sexual assault are common in modern animal agriculture. Friedrich rightfully asks, “Why is it illegal, deviant, and cause for imprisonment for some farmer to engage in bestiality inside a barn if he’s doing it for personal enjoyment, but perfectly legal for that same farmer to do it as part of ‘standard agricultural practices’ used to put animal corpses on our nation’s dinner tables?”

Either way, consumers are able to withdraw their financial support from farmers who routinely rape and sexually abuse animals by adopting a healthy and humane vegan diet. Visit for tips on how to make the transition to a cruelty-free lifestyle.