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Startling Study Links Breast Cancer Mortality Rates to Dairy Products

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According to scientists, eating dairy products such as yogurt, ice cream or cheese could increase the risk of mortality by 50 percent for women with breast cancer. It is believed that estrogen, a hormone found in full-fat milk products, which is known to encourage tumor growth, is to blame.

Among 1,500 California-based breast cancer patients in a recent study, the dairy products most commonly consumed were ice cream, yogurt, cheese, full-fat lattes and hot chocolate. Scientists discovered that the women who consumed just one portion of any of these products daily were 50 percent more likely to die from breast cancer within 12 years. This is the first study to show a strong link between dairy products and death from breast cancer.

The study also determined that most milk consumed by the public comes from cows who are pregnant, noting that such milk is particularly high in estrogen.

Along with human health risks, dairy consumption involves horrific animal abuse. Dairy cows live a life a misery and deprivation on factory farms. Mercy For Animals undercover investigations inside dairy facilities have revealed the tragic truth behind milk production.

Ditching dairy is an easy way to be healthier and take a strong stance against cruelty to animals. For tips on delicious and compassionate plant-based versions of milk, cheese, ice cream and yogurt, visit