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Singer Jason Derulo Went Vegan and He Feels Better Than Ever

Pop and R&B singer Jason Derulo told Men’s Health he recently gave up eating animal products and he felt the best he’d felt in years.

“Yeah, so I’m vegan now, Derulo said. “I feel lighter. I feel healthier. He also told the magazine that eating plant-based foods helped his boxing, one of his athletic passions.

As for what the singer eats, Derulo says he loves spinach, mushrooms, vegetable soup, lentils, and jackfruit. And he eats tofu when he craves something that tastes like chicken nuggets.

Jason Derulo joins a long list of celebrities who have recently announced that they’re trying a plant-based diet, including Orange Is the New Black star Danielle BrooksKylie JennerNe-Yo, and Stephen Colbert.

Eating vegan food is a great way to protect your health, the environment, and of course, farmed animals.

Animals at factory farms are treated as mere objects, and their short lives are filled with violence and pain. Cows, pigs, and chickens are subjected to a nightmare of confinement, mutilation, torture, and slaughter.


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