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Summer Concerts with Veg Musicians

MFA volunteer extraordinaire Jenni Rempel gives us the skinny on the summer music scene.

Summer is a great time for music festivals and tours from coast to coast. Many well-known musicians are also advocates for farmed animals. Check out these vegan musicians coming soon to a city near you!

The 2013 Honda Civic Tour will be headlined by Maroon 5 and their vegan guitarist, Mickey Madden. The Vans Warped Tour ’13 will have multiple vegans on the road.

Mickey+Madden+Maroon+5+performs+Moscow+jm4lQcBtmqSl.jpgActivist John William Feldmann of Goldfinger will travel alongside Christofer Drew Ingle of Never Shout Never and Adam Russell of Story of the Year.

Fall Out Boy is touring as well. Drummer Andy Hurley has been vegan for years. Hurley used to perform with Earth Crisis, which will also be touring. Earth Crisis, featuring vegan singer Karl Buechner, promotes a vegan lifestyle and advocates for animal rights.

4877928025_c8c79a4988_z.jpgFor the edgier crowd, Travis Barker (of Blink-182 fame) will be drumming cross-country for the Transplants, and vegan Black Sabbath bassist Geezer Butler will also be on the road.

Don’t think veg musicians are a boys club because The Iron Maidens (an all-female Iron Maiden cover band) is jamming this summer, featuring vegan singer Kirsten Rosenberg.

Rock fans can check out Brian Bell, guitarist for Weezer, making his way along the West Coast in July. Moby will be playing nearby at the Wanderlust Festival where he will perform acoustic and DJ sets.

Like country? Singer Garth Brooks will play three shows at the Encore Theatre in Las Vegas. The venue is part of the Wynn Resort, which features a full vegan menu! Garth Brooks isn’t the only western veg musician out there, of course; Carrie Underwood will be playing as well.

Want to listen to great music and raise awareness at the same time? Consider leafleting outside a concert venue and spread the word that your favorite musicians support compassion for animals. Order literature today!