Survey: Europeans Trust Meat Industry No More Than They Do Used Car Dealers

A recent consumer markets scoreboard by the European Commission found that residents of the European Union trust the meat industry as much as they trust used car dealers. 

Reports Food Navigator, the survey included 500 consumers from various EU countries. The commission used a number of criteria to measure the public’s trust, expectations, choices, and complaints. 

The findings corroborated those of other studies from the past few years: Consumers do not trust the meat industry. In fact, those surveyed said they trusted the meat industry as much as they did used car dealers, which we know can’t be a whole lot. Because of this, they are buying and eating less meat. 

But why do consumers distrust their meat sourcing? The answer is simple: The public is sick and tired of the lies factory farmers and others in the industry spread — from denying animal agriculture’s link to climate change to claiming they do not abuse animals

And let’s not forget about the horsemeat scandal that rocked Europe just a couple years ago. It comes as no surprise that meat and dairy consumption is on the decline. 

Additionally, millennials, now the world’s largest generation, are ditching animal products. The New York Times reports that 12 percent of millennials identify as faithful vegans or vegetarians; that’s three times more than Gen Xers. 

Don’t believe the lies spewed by the meat industry. Join the millions around the globe rejecting animal products! 

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