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TCBY Launches First-Ever Vegan Flavor!

On the heels of Chipotle’s highly successful launch of its vegan Sofritas, another behemoth food chain is getting in the vegan menu option game. TCBY, the nation’s largest retailer of soft-serve frozen yogurt, announced that it’s introducing its first-ever vegan frozen yogurt flavor.

Teaming up with Silk, the number one vendor of almond milk in the country, TCBY has formulated an almond-based chocolate flavor that will now be offered nationwide.

“We are excited to let our customers enjoy this new, innovative and revolutionary product,” said TCBY CEO Neal Courtney. “Silk Chocolate Almond is the result of collaboration and development between TCBY and Silk in order to provide our customers with a delicious flavor experience unlike any other currently on the national market.”

TCBY is further promoting the new plant-based option by hosting a contest through its social media called “The Perfect Match.” Winning prizes include iPads and trips to the Caribbean!

Mercy For Animals has conducted several undercover investigations inside dairy farms that revealed horrific animal abuse. The only way to make sure frozen yogurt and ice cream are not the result of cruelty is to choose humane, plant-based versions.

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