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The Kind Diet: Alicia Silverstone Promotes Joyful Veganism in New Book

Actress, committed animal advocate, and joyful vegan, Alicia Silverstone has just released her new book, The Kind Diet. In her popular guide, Alicia promotes a diet without meat, dairy, and eggs and provides many delicious recipes. Alicia addresses nutritional needs and explains how to cover all dietary requirements for a plant-based diet.

Understanding that transitioning dietary habits occurs at a different pace for different people, The Kind Diet is separated into three categories: Flirting, Vegan, and Superhero. Flirting deals with those new to veganism and how to reduce one’s meat consumption, replacing animal products with vegetables instead. The Vegan section explains how to substitute meat replacements such as tofu or seitan and cooking with grains, fruits, and vegetables. Lastly, the Superhero category provides information on the principles of macrobiotics.

Empowering and packed with irresistible recipes, The Kind Diet is a great book for those just transitioning to a plant-base diet or for veteran vegans.