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There’s a Cheese “Illuminati Spending Millions to Get You to Eat More Dairy

You’ve probably never heard of Dairy Management Incorporated. But this nefarious government-sponsored marketing group’s sole mission is to push consumption of dairy products in the United States and elsewhere.

That’s right, the U.S. government supports a marketing arm of the dairy industry that tries to get Americans to eat more cheese.

According to The New York Times, the group was founded in 1994 and has an annual budget around $140 million, largely funded by a government-mandated fee on the dairy industry but also by your tax dollars. DMI was behind the infamous “Got Milk?” and “Udder Truth campaigns. The group works with chains such as Taco Bell, Burger King, Domino’s, McDonald’s, and Pizza Hut to develop and market cheese-based foods. You’ll probably recognize its most recent hit, the Quesalupa. Sold at Taco Bell, this taco has about five times the cheese as the crunchy taco.

While Americans consume dangerous amounts of cheese, demand still doesn’t match supply. For the past couple of years dairy consumption has been on the decline, creating a dairy surplus. As a result, the price of milk has dropped. Farmers have even resorted to dumping millions of gallons of excess milk and have asked the government to bail them out. This surplus is precisely why the USDA supports DMI.

It’s deplorable that our own government helps promote a product that’s unhealthy for consumersdangerous for our planet, and terrible for cows who suffer immensely at dairy farms.

Mercy For Animals investigations at dairy facilities throughout the U.S. have documented a culture of cruelty and neglect. Cows used in dairy production are treated as mere milk-producing machines, and their lives are filled with fear and misery.

Don’t believe us? See for yourself.

Fortunately, you can join the millions of people taking a stand against this deceitful and cruel industry by switching to a compassionate vegan diet. Click here to get started.

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