Think “Ethically-Raised Meat Is an Oxymoron? So Do We

In a recent Time magazine piece, Vlad Chituc, a Duke University researcher, calls out the fallacy of “ethical meat, basically saying there is no such thing.

Chituc uses five sound arguments, including a reminder to Americans that the overwhelming majority of meat comes from factory farms, enormous facilities where animals are packed in by the thousands and treated as mere machines.

Take a look:

He also highlights how animal agriculture is a leading cause of climate change. In conclusion, he has this to say: “No matter how painlessly or ethically it seems you could kill an animal, it’s still the case that you’re ending a life when you don’t need to for no reason better than that you want your meal to taste a bit better.

No matter how you slice it, meat is the product of animal exploitation and abuse. Vote with your dollars and agree to stop funding cruel factory farms by transitioning to a humane vegan diet.

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