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This New TV Show Stars TWO Badass Vegans and We’re Def Watching

From Hulu and Netflix to HBO and other networks, there are so many great shows nowadays. You can’t possibly watch them all. That’s why I want to bring to your attention a new show on Paramount Network called American Woman. In all honesty, I have not watched it yet (though it does seem binge-worthy). But I couldn’t help noticing that it stars two of the most outspoken vegan actresses today: Alicia Silverstone and Mena Suvari. How badass are these two women? I’m glad you asked.

Alicia Silverstone has been vegan for well over a decade and has spoken out for animals ever since she rose to stardom in the ’90s. She’s appeared in multiple pro-vegan campaigns throughout the years. In addition to running her vegan blog, The Kind Life, Silverstone has authored two books that focus on plant-based eating and being a vegan mom. Silverstone states:
Nothing’s changed my life more. I feel better about myself as a person, being conscious and responsible for my actions, and I lost weight and my skin cleared up and I got bright eyes, and I just became stronger and healthier and happier. Can’t think of anything better in the world to be but be vegan.
Newer to the scene, but no less passionate, Mena Suvari recently celebrated her decision to go vegan in a number of high-profile interviews. On going plant-based, she told US Weekly, “You’re doing a good thing for the environment, you’re doing a good thing for animals and you’re saving a lot of money. She went into more detail with Gulf News when she explained, “I’ve been vegan for almost 10 months now and I went completely cruelty-free in my life even with my beauty products and my whole wardrobe. And all of us at Mercy For Animals were super excited last year when Suvari attended our annual all-vegan music festival, Circle V.

These two women are shining examples of the power of influence and celebrity. They’re both using their platform to speak out about the benefits of a compassionate vegan diet and the plight of farmed animals.

But you don’t need to be a star to make a difference. All of us have the power to create a better world for animals who suffer needlessly at factory farms. You can get active on social media, organize a vegan potluck, or leaflet at your local university, for example. MFA also offers some fantastic ways to volunteer and get involved.

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