This Plant-Based Dairy Company Is Using Regenerative Agriculture to Help Reverse Climate Change

Plant-based dairy company Milkadamia is doing something a little different: It’s using regenerative agriculture to make milk, creamers, and soon-to-be-released butter out of raw macadamia nuts. Regenerative agriculture is a system of farming that focuses on conservation and rehabilitation of the land. Milkadamia has taken this concept and run with it, proving that producing food without animals and protecting the environment go hand in hand.
The company has adopted a number of practices to enrich the soil and enhance the ecosystem, such as planting cover crops and trees for wind protection, relying on rainfall for irrigation, adding organic matter to the soil, and refusing to use chemicals. They also allow the ground cover to grow unrestrained, which means insects and birds can flourish.
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Milkadamia CEO Jim Richards is very passionate about regenerative agriculture and has even penned several articles on it for the company’s website. He writes:
Regenerative Agriculture is soul-deep good for farmers. The satisfaction of rebuilding soil and creating an abundant future also regenerate the heart and enthusiasm. Regenerative Farming is our last best hope for allowing the Earth some much-needed breathing space.
While “our last best hope may sound strong, science backs up the importance of this practice. According to the Rodale Institute, regenerative agriculture goes beyond sustainable and has the power to help reverse climate change.
Milkadamia’s approach seems to resonate with consumers. The company’s sales doubled from 2017 to 2018 and are on track to do the same this year!
Besides regenerative farming and other sustainable systems, simply choosing more plant-based foods makes a huge difference. A recent report from the Center for a Livable Future explains that if everyone who knew about Meatless Monday followed the program for 52 weeks, “the reduction in diet-related GHG emissions would be equivalent to taking over 1.6 million cars off the road for a year.
Our choices have a big impact on the planet. For delicious plant-based recipes and easy meal ideas, order your FREE Vegetarian Starter Guide today!