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TRAGIC: 200 Young Pigs Escape Michigan Truck Crash Only to Be Sent to Slaughter

According to the Holland Sentinel, around 200 young pigs escaped in Allegan County, Michigan, when the transport truck carrying them crashed.

Authorities said the pigs broke free after the semi tractor-trailer carrying more than 2,000 pigs burst open in a foggy three-vehicle collision.

Bob Dykhuis, the owner of Dykhuis Farms, said 20 of the piglets were killed in the crash.

Fire crews, Dykhuis Farms staff, and area residents worked together to round up the pigs.

All the surviving pigs were transferred to other trucks and continued their journey to Indiana where they would be slaughtered.

Pigs are sensitive and friendly animals just like the dogs and cats we love home. They’re also highly intelligent. But instead of treating them kindly, the meat industry cruelly forces them to live in filthy, cramped conditions. Many are imprisoned in gestation crates, tiny metal cages that make it impossible to turn around or lie down comfortably.

Farmed animals go to great lengths to escape cruel factory farms and slaughter. Earlier this week, a brave cow jumped off an export ship in Australia, and you may remember a cow named Freddy who ran away from a New York slaughterhouse in January. A lamb in Chicago also tried to escape a slaughterhouse, but after running through busy streets, was caught and killed.

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