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Transport Tragedy: Truck Crashes Killing 400 Piglets

A transport truck crashed earlier this week outside of Dayton, Ohio, killing around 400 of the 2,200 piglets on board.

According to Newsweek, “Highway U.S. 35 was closed for eight hours as local authorities, farmers and some neighbors worked to round up the pigs. About 1,500 piglets were captured and taken to nearby fairgrounds.

Although many of the pigs were caught, many more are still free, having run into the woods along the highway.

This is no first for a tragedy like this.

Earlier this month, countless birds were injured or killed when a semi carrying 6,500 chickens slid off the road in eastern Saskatchewan, Canada, and late last year, another truck carrying thousands of piglets overturned near Indianapolis, killing at least 700 baby pigs.

Accidents aside, farmed animals suffer miserably during transport, and are often subjected to overcrowded trailers with little or no space to move, and forced to endure all weather extremes without food, water, or rest.

The trips commonly last for days, and when the animals arrive at their destination, often a slaughterhouse, their lives continue to be filled with fear and violence.

Luckily, caring consumers can help end the needless suffering of animals simply by leaving them off their plates.

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