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Transport Truck Overturns Killing 700 Baby Pigs

truck transporting over 2,000 piglets overturned near Indianapolis, killing at least 700 baby pigs.

Firefighters acted quickly to get the trapped pigs out and created a corral in the middle of the interstate to keep them from moving:

You can watch firefighters rescue pigs from the overturned truck:

The transportation of farmed animals is never a nice ride for the passengers. They are stuffed inside large trucks, with little or no space to move, and are left in the dark without any access to water or food.

Trips last for hours, and even days, in terrible weather conditions. And when the animals arrive at their destination, the slaughterhouse, their last moments are violent and filled with fear.

You can withdraw your support from a cruel system that treats animals like unfeeling objects by adopting a healthy vegan diet. For more information on making the switch, including delicious meal ideas, click here.

(photo: Wayne Township Fire Department)