Traumatized Dairy Cows Become Pessimistic, Distressed

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New reports by Wired find that cows become distressed and pessimistic after undergoing emotional or physical pain.

After humans are subjected to traumatic emotional or physical events, they are more likely to interpret ambiguous stimuli as negative — to be pessimists. Research shows that cows have this same response, which means that the emotional capacity of these gentle creatures is significant, and the cruel abuses that they suffer on factory farms have long-term effects on their well-being.

Daniel Weary, the man responsible for this finding, observes: “It’s interesting to us to come to understand how complex these animals are. … It’s important to provide a good quality of life for them at an early age, not just in terms of their immediate ability to enjoy life, but also in terms of the long-term effects that we have on these animals.”

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