Unilever Drops Lawsuit Against Just Mayo

Last week, Forbes reported that Unilever, the makers of Hellmann’s mayonnaise, had dropped its lawsuit against Hampton Creek Foods.

Unilever announced the lawsuit just over a month ago, after a drop in Hellmann’s mayo sales allegedly caused the company “irreparable harm. Unilever claimed that Hampton Creek’s product Just Mayo was cutting into its sales and that Hampton was falsely advertising its egg-free mayo as mayonnaise, since traditional mayo is made with eggs.

According to the article:

After announcing it had raised $90 million, the company learned on Thursday that multibillion-dollar food corporation Unilever had dropped its lawsuit against them over the branding of their eggless mayonnaise product. …

… Unilever withdrew its litigation in New Jersey court and oddly praised Hampton Creek, which aims to replace the use of egg products in foods, for its “commitment to innovation and its inspired corporate purpose in a statement.

Let’s hope that Unilever takes this statement to heart and improves its own product line by eliminating products of animal cruelty like eggs and dairy.

For more information on adopting a healthy and humane egg-free diet, check out ChooseVeg.com.