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Vegan Beauty Queen Vies for Miss America Title

Vegan Beauty Queen Vies for Miss America Title
According to reports by The Chicago Tribune, vegan winner of the Miss Chicago Pageant, Marisa Bucheit, has recently been crowned Miss Illinois, thrusting veganism even further into the mainstream.

The Miss America hopeful glowingly represented the plant-based community when she led the 2012 Veggie Pride Parade in Chicago, and she has continued to advocate for a vegan diet by talking about it with the people she meets in her day-to-day life. Of course, her obvious boundless energy speaks for itself.

The beauty queen credits her diet as a factor in her success, explaining, “Becoming vegan has turned me into some kind of a ‘superwoman,’ according to my friends and family. Not trying to sound big-headed or unreasonable at all, but the health effects are unreal. I do not get sick, I have consistent energy each and every day, and I am cheerful and pretty much always positive in life.”

The animal rights movement is lucky to have Bucheit in our ranks, modeling a vivacious and healthy vegan lifestyle.

Interested in getting that plant-based glow for yourself? Check out for healthy meal ideas and tips to get you started.