West Hollywood passes groundbreaking plant-based policy

The new policy is a victory for animals, human health and the planet.

WEST HOLLYWOOD (June 25, 2024) — In a momentous victory for animals, humans and the planet, the City of West Hollywood voted to pass a resolution aimed at mitigating the environmental, public health and animal welfare impacts associated with its food purchases. Spearheaded by Vice Mayor Chelsea Lee Byers, the new policy requires that plant-based food and beverages be served by default at city-sponsored events and meetings providing food and other refreshments, while animal products at such events will be available upon request. 

Mercy For Animals worked closely with the city to develop the policy in an effort to address climate change and reduce animal suffering. Mercy For Animals staff, volunteers living in West Hollywood and other organizations, including the Center for Biological Diversity and Greener by Default, mobilized and testified in support of the policy.

“Mercy For Animals calls for a shift to a plant-based food system, so we greatly appreciate Vice Mayor Byers for championing this policy change in West Hollywood,” said Mercy For Animals CEO and president Leah Garcés. “As more people choose plant-based food for their health, the environment and animals, Mercy For Animals works with local governments so that public purchasing reflects this shift. Mercy For Animals commends the City of West Hollywood’s commitment to serving plant-based food by default.”  

This policy is a significant victory for Mercy For Animals in its work to build a just and sustainable food system. In February, Mercy For Animals worked with Los Angeles County — the most populous county in the United States — to enact legislation calling for best practices in purchasing, selling and serving more plant-based foods in the county’s food services. 

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Mercy For Animals is a leading international nonprofit working to end industrial animal agriculture by constructing a just and sustainable food system. Active in Brazil, Canada, India, Mexico and the United States, the organization has conducted over 100 investigations of factory farms and slaughterhouses, influenced over 500 corporate policies, and helped pass historic legislation to ban cages for farmed animals. 2024 marks Mercy For Animals’ 25th year of groundbreaking campaigns and programs. Learn more at MercyForAnimals.org.