Huge Win! West Hollywood to Serve Plant-Based Foods by Default 

In a huge win for animals, human health, and the planet, the City of West Hollywood just passed a resolution requiring that food and other refreshments offered at city-sponsored events and meetings be plant-based by default! Animal products at such events will be available upon request. 

Over the past several months, Mercy For Animals has worked closely with the city on this policy in an effort to help mitigate climate change and reduce animal suffering. Many West Hollywood volunteers and organizations, including the Center for Biological Diversity and Greener by Default, submitted public comment in support of the policy. Mercy For Animals is grateful to Vice-Mayor Byers for championing this policy.

Times truly are changing. Earlier this year, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors voted to approve a policy that requires county government to prioritize plant-based eating by purchasing more plant-based foods and fewer animal-based foods. Under the new law, the county must update its nutritional standards to incorporate best practices for purchasing, selling, and serving more plant-based foods and identify ways county departments can increase plant-based food purchasing and decrease purchasing of animal-based foods. 

By securing policies that reduce the animal-based foods governments purchase and increase plant-based purchases, we can spare more animals a miserable life in the food system.

We couldn’t do this work without your support. Thank you for making a difference for animals and helping create a kinder food system. Learn more about our policy work by clicking here, and start adding more delicious plant-based foods to your routine by downloading our FREE How to Eat Veg guide