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Why Going Vegan Made Me Question Everything

I distinctly remember as a child asking my dad about the blood in the hamburger package; he told me it was “the juice.

Many years later, when I was about 15 years old, I picked up a video about animal cruelty at an Earth Day event. The footage, which featured undercover video footage at factory farms and slaughterhouses, radically changed my perception of the world for good.

Growing up, I like many others had a very different idea of where meat came from. Those idyllic barnyard images of my childhood were forever destroyed by the truth of what happens to farmed animals. I remember thinking, “If they’ve been lying to me about this, I wonder what else I’ve been lied to about.

As a result, I’ve developed a habit of questioning things others might not and thinking critically about what is right versus what is easy or familiar.

Here are four other things I’ve discovered since finding out how animals on farms are really treated:

Eating meat is destroying the planet.

Eating animals and animal products is one of the most wasteful and damaging actions that humans take on a daily basis. From vast water pollution to climate change and rainforest destruction, the meat industry is literally destroying our world.

Eating meat contributes to global hunger.

In many countries, the majority of grain grown is fed to farmed animals. In a world in which nearly a billion people don’t have enough to eat, eating vegan takes a stand for the hungry.

Eating meat isn’t necessary for a healthy (and happy) life.

Research continues to prove that a nutritious plant-based diet is beneficial to your health. A vegan diet is a win-win situation: You get to live a longer, healthier life while letting farmed animals live their lives!

Eating meat contributes to the exploitation of factory farm workers.

While it’s certainly true that animals pay the ultimate price with their lives, farm workers are also oppressed by the very same system that values profit over everything else.

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